Self-Acceptance, Abundance, Ideas and Inspiration


Self-Acceptance, Abundance, Ideas and Inspiration
A Mantra for December

This week I decided to shake it up a bit.  Instead of reaching for the tarot for the message of the week, I hit up my Angel deck.  Here’s what popped out:

Self-Acceptance, Abundance, Ideas & InspirationSelf-Acceptance.  This is about accepting ourselves at this very moment.  My guides and angels suggest we are all perfect exactly the way we are.  We are not more than or less than anyone else.  All are equal.  And while some of us choose to believe that others are better or have more opportunity or have better luck, it is all a fallacy.  We can all have exactly what those others have.  It is about just believing.

Abundance. Need a bit of support for that belief?  That is where the next card “Abundance” comes into play.  What is it that you with for?  What abundance do you want to create in your life?  In order to create that abundance or attract what it is that you truly desire, you must first accept yourself as you are.  After that, call upon your guides and angels and ask them to create the gifts and the abundance you seek.  It only works if you ask.  The guides and angels don’t intervene on their own.

Ideas & Inspiration. After you ask for the abundance, pay attention to those new thoughts or beliefs which come to you.  They are the ideas and inspiration that are crafting the next chapter in your life.  They are the messages from your guides and angels that you wished upon through the process of abundance.

It is not by accident that these three cards came out together from the deck.  They are a common theme.  They are the perfect group of messages to help keep all of us on track towards the life we wish to create.  So many of the people I talk to seem to be stuck because they do not believe there is anything different or better out there for them.  They believe that they can’t ever have what they truly want because they do not believe they deserve it.  So much of what we create in our lives comes from our attitude.  For example, ever notice on a day when you wake up happy and excited, things seem to go better.  Meanwhile on days when we wake up stressed out or worried, our days seem to drag on or bad (negative) things happen.

So what is your attitude today?  Is it an attitude of gratitude?

Just for today, I will allow self-acceptance and abundance into my life.  I will do whatever it takes to change my mindset and allow new positive ideas and inspiration to surround me.  No longer will I be a victim.  I will step up and stand up for what I want.