Self Reliance

A Message From The Guides

Self Reliance – A Message From The Guides

Now is the time for you to step up and step forward because this is the only way you’ll be able to solve the problems around you.

For many years, many centuries, the humans have generally looked to others to solve problems. They have looked at the outsiders to give them new direction.  They have looked to the outsiders to give them hope.  They have looked at the outsiders to create the life that they truly want but now it is all different.

Now it is about knowing that it is up to us to take our lives into our own hands.

The shut down that miraculously saved millions of people can also be credited with allowing many to go within to determine what is truly important.  Now, many have discovered they need to make changes to bring their lives to a new balance, to a higher vibration and open for a deeper sense of love and connection.

By starting down this path, the many problems the humans face will be resolved. They resolve because once on the path, there is no looking back. The world takes on a new perspective.

The new perspective gives all a place of peace and love and light and strength and knowing that you have the ability to change, to grow and improve.  Among the new choices, the ability to bring into your life what it is that you’ve always wanted, what it is that you’ve always cared about, what it is that you were always too busy to do or what you felt was too hard to achieve or what you felt was too far away.

None of these past conditions are true anymore.

By the damage called by the virus and reset, you are all now seeing that life is truly short. You have seen that through a fluke of nature, life can be taken away and that some choose to transition to the other side at a time they did not see it coming. The truth is that all of those who have gone to the other side had it in their life contract.  It was in their agreement leave at this time. Many are waiting to come back. They will come back at a different time with the skills and compassion and love they left with and help re-introduce that to another world.

As for the love and light that surrounds those who remain, now this love and light gives them a new purpose.  We speak now of the ones who have the connection with us and who seek enlightenment.  Know that this is not all who remain. Many of the manipulators and liars and narcists still remain, lost in their own world.  The truth will eventually catch up with them when the time is right.  Have no fear.

But for those who follow us, their new purpose is to heal the planet.  The purpose now is to bring love and light to all of the corners.  The mission is to be of service, to stop all of the greed, to stop those that are manipulating, to stop those that are in positions of leadership and who manipulate their followers thru lies and deception.  The awoken will expose those the truth the others are afraid to admit.  They are afraid to admit because of ego.

This is the time to explore new opportunities.

This is the time to recognize you are all on the right path of love and light and that by just taking the correct steps forward every day, by being grounded, by listening to your intuition, by listening to the spirit guides around you, by connecting with like-minded people, you will uncover the self-reliance necessary to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Now is the time to stand your ground and be powerful.

Now is the time to no longer take no for an answer.

Now is the time to create the life that you have always dreamed of.

Now is the time for you to be living in love and light.