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“Not Your Ordinary Psychic”

“Bob is nothing short of outstanding. He has a unique approach to readings that really allowed me to see things about myself and my future in ways I wouldn’t be able to do without his assistance. He is certainly clairvoyant, but what you’re getting in addition to that is how passionate he is about his work! He was fun and informative, and very skilled. He also takes his job and your life very seriously. I strongly recommend.”  — Mike O.


“…something about him is comforting and familiar which made the experience easy and enjoyable. He allows the sessions to be recorded, left time open for questions, and even offered open communication if I have questions when listening to the recording.  This is well above and beyond what any other psychic offers…” — Renee J 


“Bob is a rare gem.
More than just giving me a reading,
I would describe his messages as an inspirational guidance for life. ” — Alex F

“Bob the Psychic, the Scottsdale Psychic, is worth knowing.”

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