Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards were first developed in the mid-15th Century.  The tarot cards let me connect with my spirits and guides and help divine you a message for your exact situation.  Whether it is about love, relationships, finance, family, career or something else, my guides are ready to assist you.

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Angel Card Reading

The Angel Cards connect me directly to the Angelic Realm. It is a realm where messages are gentler as compared to that of Tarot.  Lead by Archangel Michael, the protector of all, the messages you will receive are that of kindness and grace.  They will give you guidance in a way that many say is unexpected.  I use Zibu Angelic Symbol Angel Cards in all of my readings.
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Channeling is an open path created from the Spirits and Guides around me in order to communicate directly to you. I have been called a ‘clear channel’ which means that the words I speak during this time are clearly not from me, they are from the Ascended Masters who are part of my Council of Light.  Channeling can be included in any consultation 30 minutes or longer.
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Mediumship is the practice of communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. For me, mediumship is all about seeing the light around all of us.  Although I cannot see the light per se, I can see those on the other side who wish to communicate.  I ask them to come to my chair or m space and then using my channeling connection, I ask them to speak to the person in front of me who is asking about them.  Mediumship can be included in any consultation 30 minutes or longer.
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Parties and Corporate Events

I am available to bring messages to parties at your home or business. Charges vary based on the location and how many people are attending.  Click here for more information about Parties and Corporate Events.