Somethings we never get over – and that’s okay!

A Message From The Guides

Somethings we never get over – and that’s okay!


There are many things which happen to us that shape our lives. There are good times like playing as a child or going on a great vacation.

There are sad things like endings of relationships or the passing of a loved one.  And no matter what it is, all experiences leave an imprint on our body and soul.  These imprints are about the feelings our guides and angels share with our body.  Our body remembers these things and holds on to them.  Sometimes it is for protection.  Sometimes it is just for the memory of the happy times.

Either way, we are holding those emotions inside ourselves and even thought we may have done the ‘work’ to release them, they always remain with us.  Now I didn’t start writing this message trying to depress people who are trying to put their past behind them.  I started it because I wanted people to know that accepting the past, no matter what happened is really the only way to move on.  And even though you may not want to consciously ever remember exactly the bad things or even the good things that happen, our bodies DO remember it all.  They have a way of imprinting how the moment felt and what the body did to react.  For example, do you get that sick to your stomach feeling when you think about an old love?  That is the bodies way of craving that love or showing it is hungry for that kind of love, affection and attention.  The question then becomes how do we replace that?  How do we refuel our body or teach/show the body a new reaction to that love.  The key is to release the energy around it.  Telling our bodies that we are not in that place anymore.  That we have truly healed from that pain is key.

Meditation or a Quiet Conversation is all it takes

I have a friend who has opened my eyes up to how this energy works within all of us.  She does not realize the power her words and actions have on those around her.  For she is one that is grateful for all of the experiences in her life and does not let her ego get in the way of her heartfelt message.  She has shown me that the key to retraining our bodies is to release the energy around these hurtful events.  Releasing the energy back into the earth is the key.  It is simple actually. Go to a quiet place.  Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down.  With your eyes closed, imagine a grounding cable or tube coming off of your tailbone and going deep into the center of the earth.  As the tube connects with the center of the earth, then imagine the energy around the event doing down the tube and back home.  Home is back inside the earth.  It may take a few times doing this for you to notice the difference.  They key is that you WILL notice it.  And even though you may have sent this energy back to the earth, it is not like you have gotten over it.  In other words, it is still part of your story.  It is still part of your makeup and part of your journey on this planet.  So even thought you may wish you could get over something, perhaps you actually cant and that is okay.  Because we are all here together experiencing life as a journey.  Everyone’s journey has a different meaning.  And all of that is okay.  You are okay just the way you are.  Your angels, guides and spirits are there to prop you up when you are feeling sad.  All you have to do is ask.

Just for this week I will take time each day to release those thoughts which hold me back.  Just for this week I will ask those special beings around me to show me the way.  I will end each day by saying “Thank you” and ask for unlimited abundance that I can’t describe or imagine.  For just for this week, I will be grateful for ALL of my life experiences, both good and bad.

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