Starting New – The Fool and The Three of Swords

Time to Start New Even Though There Could be Heartache Ahead.

Tarot Fool and Tarot Three of SwordsThis week my guides are saying that it is time for us to make a new start by taking that leap of faith and go for what it is that we want in our lives.  No more excuses like: its not time, I can’t afford it, I am not sure etc. etc.  They are saying that we all do intuitively know what we need and what we desire.  It is just about taking the steps forward.. the steps necessary to create what we need in our lives.

So what does that mean for you? 

Is it time to start watching what we eat over the holidays so that we don’t gain that usual 10 pounds?

Is it time to start freshening up the resume and start looking for that newer, better, more applicable job that truly fits our skill-set instead of the easy one we have right no where we are not being challenged?

What about making a resolution to payoff all of the debt you’ve accumulated because of splurging a bit too much?

No judgment on any of these, so I hear.  It is just about being honest with ourselves and knowing that we all all responsible for creating what it is that we want in life.  It isn’t anyone’s fault that we didn’t get what we wanted.  It could be that we either weren’t in the right place or it just wasn’t the right time.

Divine Timing Is Always At Play

Once again, the issue of divine timing has come up.  Let’s spend a moment on this.  Divine timing is just what it says.  It is something happening when the exact time is right.  For example, is now the right time for someone new to come into your life?  Is now the right time for you to start making a change and release a significant other from your life?  Only you truly know the answer to this.  And my guides are saying this isn’t just an emotional decision.  It is one where there are some facts and feelings involved.

Funny how the second card that popped out for this week is the Three of Swords – the card of loss or sorrow or necessary sacrifice.  The swords through the heart show the start of pain that could be ahead.  And although we all are programmed to stay away from pain, sometimes we have to feel it to know that we’ve made the right change in our lives.  No reason to fear making the right changes by taking the leap of faith as suggested in the fool card.  Without taking the risk, we have no reward.  Without the reward, we have no excitement or passion in our lives.

Just this week I will start looking at the areas of my life that don’t seem to be working.  I will take just two small steps in each area to move myself forward.  Whether that means coming up with a new financial savings plan or polishing up my resume or truly considering if my relationship is right for me know, it does not matter.  I will look at each area and come up with a plan or a set of thoughts I can start taking ction on and create the passion, the life and the love I am truly seeking and deserve.