Staying Protected When Things Go Crazy

Staying protected
when things go crazy.

Stressing Out


We have all been there.  We are just minding our own business and then all this bad stuff happens.  We get a speeding ticket or we have a fight with a significant other or we find out we owe more on our credit card then we thought.  Keeping sane during times like this can be difficult.  After all, our bodies and minds can only take so much.

This weeks message is about is a reminder to ask spirit to help you through these hard times.  It isn’t easy putting faith or belief in something we might not be able to actually see, feel or touch.  But each day, each hour, each minute Spirit is out taking care of our ills and bringing us love and light.  Now sometimes, I will admit that I have felt a presences of sorts, but I know that for most of the people who come to me, they do not feel it. So whether you feel it or not, what the guides are saying this week is just believe.

Believing is the key.

If we believe in what the universe wants us to achieve, it will come to fruition.  When we get off track and stop having faith in ourselves and in the voice, that is when things tend to go sideways.  But some times being on the street or homeless or having an out of control life is not a bad thing.  It is just a different thing.  For some, the lessons they need on this plain come from being in those situations. It is as though the university tried all of the other ways and failed.  So instead they guides and spirits resorted to something extreme to get us to change.  For example I have a friend who was in a relationship he should not have been in.  He stayed in it because he was addicted.  Finally, the woman in the relationship did something so egregious right in front of him that he walked away.  After walking away, his life came apart.  But now, many years later, he is back on track and doing things he never thought he’d be able to accomplish.  My point is that it is all relative.  It is like the message of the Eight of Cups.

Eight of Cups

The eight of cups shows a man walking away from something he knows in search of something better.  It was a painful decision but one the character knows he has to make for a better life.  He is committed to doing the right thing for himself no matter what life dishes up.  As his life goes crazy, he just moves on and keeps searching.  He doesn’t get involved in all of the drama.  He sticks to his core beliefs knowing that the universe will protect him and then one day, he will end up in the right spot.

Just for this week, I will call upon my guides and angels to help me when times get tough.  I will do my best to say grounded and in my body no matter what the universe throws at me.