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Your source for all of the tools used by Bob The Psychic in his practice.

Meditation helps relieve depression and anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation is a powerful depression treatment tool, providing results in a short time.

Holistic Healing meditation CDs and mp3’s to awaken the mind and heal the body. Relax, listen and heal holistically. Revitalize your body, mind and spirit, and develop your innate healing powers. Accelerate healing and enhance your immune function. Prepare for and recover from surgery.

Attract wealth, create success, and increase prosperity with the law of attraction. These manifesting meditations layer subliminal messages under meditation music and positive affirmations. The subliminal messages, in tandem with binaural beat therapy, will help unlock the power of positive thinking.

Attract love, build confidence and strengthen relationships with Brainsync audio technology. These love meditations include guided imagery and potent theta waves, precision tuned to awaken your heart chakra and align you with the universal law of attraction.

Reach profound levels of inspiration with these spiritual meditation CDs and MP3s. Blending guided imagery, alpha waves, and theta waves, these prayer meditations awaken kundalini and deepen your connection to spirit.

It’s well documented that Stress is not just a state of mind; it is a chemical state our bodies enter into with overwhelming challenge. The easiest way to achieve the Relaxation Response, which is the total relaxation of your body as shown by the production of alpha and theta brain waves, is with Brain Sync. Theta and alpha relaxation CDs and Mp3’s target stress specifically.

Relax, & lose weight naturally. Through Theta brain wave entrainment, stress is dramatically reduced and over time your resilience to pressure improves. As your brain becomes balanced, centered and calm, pleasure inducing neuro chemicals are released, thus relieving cravings. You’ll feel more in control, and your need for reaching for food as an anesthetic vanishes.