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The Tarot Hermit – Regroup and Celebrate

The cards for this week is the tarot Hermit and the chosen angel cards are celebrate and trust. This week my guides chose the tarot hermit card because they say it is a time to take a step back and see how far you’ve come.  The hermit is about being alone for a bit - withdrawing…

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Somethings we never get over – and that’s okay!

Somethings we never get over - and that's okay!   There are many things which happen to us that shape our lives. There are good times like playing as a child or going on a great vacation. There are sad things like endings of relationships or the passing of a loved one.  And no matter what…

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Meditation and Tarot Reading – Saturday, June 6

  Have you been asking yourself questions you feel you need answers on? Are you looking for career, relationship, financial, or spiritual advice? Do you want to shift and change your energy?     If so, then join acclaimed Author, Healer and Spiritual Advisor Carolyn Berry, as we do a joint meditation and tarot class on Saturday, June 6, 2015…

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