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Being Thankful

Being the grateful or thankful is a state of mind.. My guides say it is not supposed to be a once in a a year type of thing. And although we will be thankful on this Thanksgiving Thursday, there are many people whose lives have been touched and changed by being grateful all of the…

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The Tarot Sun – Growing the Soulful Connection

It was just two months ago that the tarot Sun card appeared as my guide’s card of the week. This time the message is a reminder about taking time for ourselves at least once a quarter.  The time for ourselves has to be away from work, away from the phone and the internet.  It is the…

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Listening To Your Inner Wisdom

Many People Find Listening To Your Inner Wisdom is difficult.   It does not have to be. For many, listening to inner wisdom is something they do not know how to do. There are so many distractions that prevent the tiny voice of the Angels from coming through. For those that are psychic or…

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