Taking The Lead By Trusting Yourself

A Message From The Guides

This month we will speak of taking the lead and trusting yourself in the process. This month we are speaking about breaking free from the status quo, about stepping forward stepping into your power – taking the lead into your life, using the unlimited energy provided to you by the universe by the guides and angels around you to truly create a difference in your life.


Now is the time to get off the couch and be in motion. This is the month for all of you, all of you who follow us from the various realms, the various universes that we communicate through, to know that the change is coming. So many of you on the planet have been waiting for this month of change. You have been waiting patiently thru all of the recent negativity. Now you are ready to turn that same energy around to effect change in your own life. You know exactly what it is that we speak of – whether it be a romance or a career or a job or a new home that now is the time to step forward and make things happen.

There are no more reasons to wait. The waiting is no longer necessary.

There has been enough cleansing on the planet to allow you to use the energy that is left over to create exactly what it is that you want. Now, tell us. Tell your guides what you need, what your desire, what you request from the deepest part of your heart and soul for we are hear to finally deliver. We are here to deliver to you exactly what you want as you take the lead in your life. We are standing right by you. We are there by your side making sure that you receive the exact combination, the exact dose, the exact amount of energy that you need to create whatever it is you need in your life.

Let us begin by looking at career and job and abundance.

If you are stuck… if you are feeling as though there is not enough abundance around you, now is the time to take the lead. Use the energy use the ball of energy in this picture, and imagine it coming off the hand and right over your head and exploding all over you covering you with that warmth, that sense of kindness, that sense of direction from the angels and the guides all around you. Use that warmth to move you forward fearlessly – to create the opportunities you so desire. Only you can do this and now is the time to step up act.


Now let us talk about those looking for love, relationships

This is the month for relationships to bloom. This is the month for you to use that same energy, that same ball of light,
but instead of pouring it over yourself, splash it all around you so it creates a big puddle. The big puddle will attract to you the soul with the energy you need. You will attract the soul that is also searching for that energy. Setting up the energy puddle like a big magnet is taking the lead. So instead of using it to wash yourself over, you’re using it to attract – to attract the one that you are supposed to be with. The point is that you are going to use the energy as an attraction point – as a way to put out into our realm what it is that you need and then simply allow it to come your way.

Attracting Even More Abundance

Let us speak now of an additional way to attract abundance. This method puts the ball of energy over your head as it acts like a lighthouse, showing the way for those who are lost. The ones that come forward so that you can be of service, can heal them and put onto the right course. All of you… all of the beings on your planet have the gift we speak of. It is just that many do not use it for they are too self-centered to look beyond themselves. , Do not be that way. Let the bright light shine throughout the Universe. Let it bring to you those in need of guidance of support of kindness and compassion.

Even if you would say that you have nothing to give, we would say otherwise. There is always a way to use your gifts to change you life and the lives of those around you. It is time to take the lead. It is time to living as though you are under a rock, suffering. The infection across the planet has caused much of this. But now there have been great strides taken to put the infection back where it belongs – in another universe and another dimension and another time – never to appear here again.

So use the ball of light over your head to attract what it is that you want. Remember that you always have a choice. You have a choice whether to take our words and put them into action, or to sit where you are and do nothing. Only you know what the right choice is for you. We would urge you to be in action, and we would urge you to trust this message. For this messages come with another card – Trust.

Trust is here to remind you that you are doing the right thing.

Trust you are able to move forward fearlessly. We urge you to trust yourself as you take the lead. Have no fear because you know that you are guided, have no fear because you know you’re in the right place at the right time, have no fear because the universe is here to provide and protect you. Finally, as we do every month, we wish you nothing but love and light. Until we speak again, trust yourself, it is time for you to take the lead.