Tarot Card of The Week: Reversed Three of Swords

Releasing the pain from past is the key to moving forward.

The reversed three of swords is about releasing pain and heartache .  It is about allowing yourself to let go of what no longer serves you emotionally.  In looking at the image of the reversed three of swords, see how the swords would probably fall out of the heart if they were turned upside down.  The handle is below the heart meaning there should be enough wait to pull them out.  So what would it take to pull out the pain from your heart?  This card suggests that you are on the path to feeling better.  Just be doing the emotional release or telling yourself over and over that you have moved on, this will allow the love that was lost back in.  Frankly speaking, this could be the love of yourself.  It may not be the love of another and that is actually okay.

Remember that in order to have a truly loving relationship with someone else, it starts with loving yourself.  So this week, the reversed three of swords is reminding you to let the swords drop out.  Let the pain go.  Just let it go.  At this point, you most likely intuitively know that there is no reason to keep holding on to it.  There is nothing left so our spirits and guides are just putting it out there for us.

Just for today, I will not allow the pain from the past to rule me.  I will ask the with light to surround me and allow the love in my heart and the love from others around me to continue to grow and surround me.