Tarot Four Of Cups – Time to Open Up to The Possibilities

Tarot Four of Cups

This week’s card from Spirit is the Four of Cups.

The Tarot Four of Cups is a reminder to come out of our shell and listen to what the universe has to say.  The cup is being brought towards the character but the character is so cut off he does not see it. He does not know that there is information outside of his soul that needs to be integrated.  This card is about leaving the frustration of being stuck inside behind and opening eyes up to new possibilities.  The  possibilities are endless with the universe. This card shows how the four cps are just waiting for the character to engage.  A four in a tarot card is about stability.  It takes four legs to setup a table and the same is true with us. We need stability in our lives and so this four suggests emotional stability.  However, since the character is not seeing the cups and is so enthralled in  his thoughts he is missing them  Perhaps he is so fed up with life that he has gone inward to seek a new direction.  And while it is okay, perhaps even mandatory to go inside and listen to our intuition as our guide, this card suggests we may be only hearing our ego and that we have blocked all else out.

 What does the tarot four of cups hold for you?

Are you not listening our allowing the universe to give you the gifts you need and so rightly deserve?  Or are you listening so hard that really nothing is coming through?  Could you be looking so hard for a certain outcome that as other gifts or experiences come your way you do not see them?

If any of these are true, then the answer could be as simple as opening your eyes to the present.  The past is long gone, the future is not here yet.  In the present we can create whatever it is that we wish.  For the Tarot Four of Cups, it is creating a tighter balance with our emotions and those things that are connected to our heart.  Are you being stubborn in your relationships? Are you only allowing those in who always give you something or are you also giving a gift to those around you?  The universe sees all of these things we do and then sends us the messages and the lessons we nee  to live broader, fuller, more peaceful lives.  For this card , the character looks very peaceful.  But I wonder if he is so peaceful, that he is actually cutoff from reality.  The cup being handed or floated to him so it could hold message of redemption or a message of a new chance.  All that needs to happen is for the character to open their eyes and accept this message.

 Just for this week, I will be open to all messages which come my way.  I will allow the universe to share it’s gifts and energy with me.  I will be open to new experiences and new ideas.  I will be thankful for all opportunities even if they appear to be negative at the start for I know the universe knows what I need and gives it to me each day.

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