Tarot King of Wands – Fulfilling Your Passion

 King of Wands

Fulfilling Your Passion


tarot king of wands

This week’s card is the tarot King of Wands.  This is an important card for those who are seeking fulfillment of their passion.  The King of Wands knows what he wants and he know how to get it.  This is a core belief for all who are successful. As long as you are moving in a direction toward your dreams, the King of Wands is there to give you the guidance and direction you need.  It is not that you can’t do what you want to do or what you need to do, sometimes it is just that you lose the motivation or the desire to move forward.  The King of Wands will say that should not happen.  Keeping the goals in mind and keeping or making small steps on the journey is the key. It is not about sitting back and waiting for the dreams to come your way. This is about taking the steps necessary to bring the dreams to fruition.  This is about always being in action and not taking breaks or waiting for others to move you forward.  The King of Wands has done all of the heavy lifting and planning in the past. Now he is ready to just go for it and this week, we want that to happen in your life.

Just for this week, I will take steps every day to achieve my goals.  I will not let time pass me by. I will take each day with new gusto and I will be excited about all of the opportunities I have created that are around me.  I know what it is that I want and I will repeat these goals to myself each day prior to starting my day.  It will be these little steps each day that propel me to the bigger goals I see for myself.  And with that, so it is.


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