Tarot Lovers Card and Your Heart- February’s Card of The Month

This month’s Scottsdale Psychic tarot card is The Lovers.  With Valentine’s Day just ahead, it seems very appropriate as The Lovers Card is about connection, commitment, the heart and mind as one. 

Tarot Lovers Heart Bob The Psychic Scottsdale Psychic


For those who are not in a love relationship with someone else, you could consider this card as a reminder that your heart and head are always in a relationship and this card suggests that the two should work together as one.  Working together is about following the heart and not listening to the mind when it starts giving negative messages.  On the other hand, when the mind suggests that following the heart is not right, that is different and that message should not be ignored. For example, if your head says that doing something your heart wants is dangerous, that shouldn’t be ignored.  But if your head says that you can’t achieve what the heart wants or can’t attract or have what the heart wants, that is just negative messaging and should be ignored.

My guides suggest this time of year and this month specifically can be a very trying time or a hard time for those who feel like they must be in a love relationship with someone else to be connected.  In addition, they say that the relationship, if there is one, should add to you and not be the center of your attention or something that is required for you to be complete.

For example, the guides tell me many women especially feel incomplete without a man or a relationship around them. This could be from a feeling of being incomplete that they learned in childhood or by seeing how their parents interact.  Did parents separate and did one of them demonstrate they could not be alone?  Yes the guides tell me they understand that people get used to having someone around, but after the initial pain of separation, there should be a moment of truth where those involved pull themselves up by the bootstraps and begin moving forward.  Moving forward is about loving and accepting themselves and the situation.  Just because someone is not in a relationship does not make them less than someone who is.  Unfortunately our society does not value being single as much as it does being a couple.

So for this month, concentrate on the connection you have within yourself… whether you share you life and love with someone else or not.  What matters is that love is all around you at all times.  It is just about learning to understand and accept love in the many forms it appears. Make a commitment to treat yourself as you would a loved one.  What have you done that makes YOU truly happy or shows that you love YOURSELF?

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