Tarot on Tarot: Tips For A Powerful Reading

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Tarot on Tarot
Tips For A Powerful Reading

Making sure you have a unique, powerful tarot reading is the goal for all my clients.  When I thought about doing this article, I turned to the tarot and Spirit chose the following cards:

Powerful Tarot Reading

The Three of Cups

What a great card to kickoff this series.  In this case, the Three of Cups is about celebrating this opportunity.  Cups are about emotions so it feels to me that this card is about reminding us to be positive as this message begins. Part of that being positive is preparing mentally.  Try to get clear on why you set the appointment with me.  Was it something you saw that created a question?  Was it just a gut feeling?  Perhaps writing down a few thoughts and a few questions before our meeting might help.

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The “Death” Card

First, this card isn’t about ‘death’ as in dieing.  This card is about big changes.  The end of an era and the start of another one.

In this case, the tarot “death” card is saying that in the messages you will be receiving have some  big changes and transitions in them.   Of course isn’t that the point of a tarot reading?  I remember that before my gift appeared, I would go to my tarot reader to find out exactly what the changes were going to be! Taking this one step further,  the messages are more than just about  changes and transitions.  The messages are about the people and the relationships that will also be changing.  Looking at the death card, I interpret each person on the card as a relationship.  There are some ending and there are some beginning.

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The Ten of Wands

The tarot ten of wands is about burden and achievement.  Wands are about our passion.  Following our passion can be a burden in many ways depending on what it is.  At the same time, following our passion is the sign of our lives’ achievement

This makes sense coming after the ‘death’ card because Spirit told us that there are big changes coming and now this card suggests we will take on those challenges (burdens) and see them through (achievement).

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King of Wands

To me, the tarot king of wands in this position suggests that you will master whatever is suggested and that you agree to take on.  The king of wands is about the ultimate passion in life.  You could call that life’s fire energy.  The card’s suggest to me that you will discover your life’s energy in understanding and implementing the tarot message.

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The “Judgement” Card

This seems like the perfect card to end up this message of advice on getting ready for a tarot card reading.

The “judgement” card seems to be Spirit’s way of reminding us to be grateful for whatever message we receive.  Looking at the images on this card, it appears that the characters are praising archangel Gabriel; saying “thank you” for their new knowledge.

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Putting It All Together

So what does this all mean?

“Come to your reading with positive energy.  Be excited and looking forward to the information about to be shared.  The information is going to have many messages in it.  There will news of relations coming into and leaving your life.  Much of what could be shared may appear as a burden for you.  However if you set your intentions to take action, there will be great achievement. Finally, no matter what the message, always be grateful.  If not grateful for the message, grateful for the ability to hear the message.