Tarot Readings

Divine Wisdom and Guidance Just for You

Tarot cards are a metaphysical tool used to help unlock the mysteries and messages from the soul.  Each card has unique symbols and images as each card tells a different story.  Tarot cards are divided into two major groups.


The first is the Major Arcana.
There are 22 of these cards and they depict major shifts, challenges and spiritual lessons.  The Major Arcana represents many  parts of the Fool’s Journey which is  a story within the deck.  The Hero’s journey shares underlying truths.  It is a spiritual journey that starts with a leap of faith.

You will no doubt have some of these cards appear in your consultation.  I will intuitively and confidently interpret just for you.

Unlike other tarot card readers, my gift enables me to channel the unique energy and essence around you.


The second set of cards is called the Minor Arcana.
There are 56 of these divided into four suits. They depict relevant in your life.  The four suits include:

  • Cups – representing emotions, relationships and  feelings.
  • Swords – representing decisions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Pentacles – representing abundance – not necessarily in reference to money and including the likes of prosperity, manifestation and growth.
  • Wands – representing fire including vitality, passion, and ambitions.

No matter which of the tarot decks I am drawn to use with you, your experience with me will be both magical and memorable.