Tarot Card Readings

Divining Wisdom and Guidance Just For You

Tarot cards are a tool used to help unlock the mysteries of the soul.  In the early 1900’s A.E. Waite, the creator of the world’s most influential Tarot deck asked Pamela Smith to help illustrate the deck he created which he called the Rider Waite.  He sold the deck along with his book “The Pictorial Key to Tarot”.  The combination was an immediate success and today, the Rider Waite deck is still considered the standard.  Today, there are literally hundreds of creative spin-offs of the original deck.  Many of the newer decks came to fruition as the New Age movement began to take hold.

All of the varieties of Tarot Decks are filled with characters, symbols and numbers.  In fact, it is said that you could spend years studying the cards and still not be aware of all the messages they contain.  For me, the Ryder Waite deck is my mainstay.  It was the first deck that I was able to connect with and each time I use it, I find my connection gets stronger.  I like using the visual cues along with the messages I receive from my Guides to help guide my clients.


“Just had a reading with Bob…something about him is comforting and familiar which made the experience easy and enjoyable. He had a lot of insight to my life with some fairly soon to come predictions. He allowed the session to be recorded, left time open for questions, and offered open communication if when i hear recording at home i needed clarity, which is above and beyond what any other reader offered.So now i am eagerly awaiting and looking forward to the near future and if hes accurate then i am going back for the biggest hug.” –Renee J

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I use the Tarot deck in four different kinds of readings:
Relationship/Love, Career, Life Purpose and General.

Yet it does not matter which ‘type’ of tarot reading you pick.  The cards will give you the message you need to hear.

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General Readings

A general reading is just that.  It is best described as a reading where we ask the cards about you, but not a specific area in your life.  This kind of reading is one of my most popular.  Using what I call my circle layout, you will see how your guides see your life right now and what they foretell about the future.

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