Tarot Tuesday – Eight of Cups and Justice Reversed-Dont Jump Too Fast Into That Desire To Move On

A Message From The Guides

This week’s card is actually two cards!  Both the Tarot Eight of Cups and the Justice Card Reversed popped out my deck this week.

Let’s start with the Eight of Cups.

8 of cupsThere seems to be a profound amount of energy around us right now asking or forcing or suggesting that we all start searching for what we really want in life.  It is as though not enough of those of us who are Spiritually connected are doing enough in our lives.  We are allowing worries about the upcoming holiday season and the exhaustion over what seems to be a never-ending summer get the best of us.  Many people I have talked say they are ‘trying’ to make changes in their lives but I wonder if they really are.  Besides, what does ‘trying’ mean anyway.  You could say ‘I am trying to move that tree in the back yard.”  Well unless you are really outside going at it, you really aren’t achieving anything.  You could be laying on the couch and say that you are trying to move the tree.  Are you?  My guides suggest that if we say we are ‘trying’ to do something, it really means we aren’t doing anything!  Either we do it or we don’t.  Trying would be categorized under ‘don’t’ according to the messages I receive. This is why I am being told those that follow my blog aren’t doing enough.  It is not that we aren’t ‘trying’.  We are and that is the problem.

Instead of trying, we should all be taking action.

Taking action moving towards what is really important for us.  For example, they mentioned the holidays coming up.  Have you thought about what special events you are creating for yourself?  Yes, for yourself… not necessarily others.  What are you going to do to show appreciation to your soul and your guides for all that they have delivered to you this year.  Even if you believe this year was not your greatest, still you received messages of value… messages of the lessons you needed to learn or receive from others.

Need some ideas – how about a spa day?  A walk through the desert?  Time with your pets, playing outside?  How about a trip to see family members you haven’t seen in lately?  How about spending the day at the movies or at the mall?  You don’t have to buy anything… just walking around and feeling the energy and excitement of others could be just enough to give you the boost you need.  How about writing a story?  How about writing a letter to yourself or to your significant other thanking them for all they have done for you this year or just telling them how much you appreciate them.  You don’t have to send the letter.  Just writing it will help make a change as it focuses you on what is important.Justice reversed

The Justice Reversed – Recklessly Moving Forward?

The Justice Reversed suggests that for there are those out there who are also moving forward at all cost. They think or feel they must move forward without any regards for what they are leaving behind.  But wait. Moving forward without a reference point or moving forward by running rough shot over people and places wont get you what you desire.  Yes, you will eventually get there, but because of all you’ve destroyed along the way, the victory will not be as sweet as you imagined.  So in this case, my guides suggest that when moving forward, make sure that you appreciate all of the things you pass… not just run them over.



Just for this week, I will take a moment to consider what it is I truly want and the journey I am on.  I will ask myself if I am harming myself or others by bowling over everything in my way instead of looking at those obstacles as tools for my growth.