Tarot Tuesday – Nine of Cups – Wishes Fulfilled

This week’s tarot Tuesday card is the Tarot Nine of Cups. 

The Tarot Nine of Cups is about being comfortable or stable. 

It is about having the things you want all lined up nicely like the cups behind the character and knowing that although there was hard word to achieve these recently set goals, the hard work is over and you can look back at what you did and feel satisfied.




But is being satisfied really enough?

For some, the answer is yes.  For others though, the answer is not so much.  See for those who are searching for new meanings in life or always searching for new connections and understandings, the Tarot Nine of Cups is just a stop along the way.  It is just a rest stop on the freeway of exploration.  This week, it is okay to take a pause at that rest stop but don not let that pause last too long.  Don’t allow yourself to become apathetic with what you want in life or with what you know you deserve. In other words, just because you have taken many steps and achieved many accomplishments, don’t underestimate yourself.  Don’t forget that we can always create a new life with just one decision or one more step.

Are you too comfortable?

So what does this card mean to you?  Are you comfortable where you are at, perhaps too comfortable?  Or did you just pull off an amazing accomplishment like making enough money in the month to pay all of your bills without going into your savings account?  If it is the latter, then celebrate by all means.  Of course, I would not suggest you celebrate by spending money.  Instead BobThePsychic.com suggests being outside in nature, taking a bath, reading a book, sleeping in late, whatever it is that makes you truly happy without laying out cash.

If there are other things you wish to accomplish and I surely hope there are, then take that quick rest stop type break and then go back at it.  Nothing says that you have to be at it constantly.  Doing that much work is clearly not the best way to enjoy life’s balance.  But it is a way to continue on the road to higher self-understanding.  After all, isn’t that what we are really all here for?  Aren’t we here to learn as much as we can about ourselves and how we relate to others?  Isn’t that the most meaningful existence?  I would say it is and I would say that this card shows you are on the way and have achieved much despite obstacles and now it is time to set new goals and go for them!