Tarot Tuesday – The Devil Card Reversed

Tarot Devil Reversed

The Tarot Devil Card Reversed – Time To Get Out of Your Way

This week the message from the Universe is about breaking free from those habits that are holding you back.  The Tarot Devil card reversed card is about breaking free.  It is about taking control of your life and taking it way from the negative energies that surround you.  In this case, I would say this is the reward for grounding each day by listening in to your intuition each day and for just being grateful.  This card is also about taking chances to break free from limiting behaviors.

Limiting behaviors come in all shapes and sizes. For many of my clients, I find that they get in their own way of success.  They have a plan, they have all the tools they need, but then they get so involved in tweaking the plan instead of implementing it that they never get off the ground.  Of course this applies in my life too so if you are one of those folks, you aren’t alone!

What can you do this week to help break those barriers and help get out of your own way 

In an article I found on positivityblog.com, Henrick Edberg suggests that there are a few bad habits that hold us back.

They include:

1) Seeing things only in black and white

2) Looking for problems that aren’t there

3) Afraid to break out of your comfort zone

4) Giving up – thinking that what you feel right now is how it is

5) Overthinking

Do you resonate with any of those?  If they do, then just for this week, pick just one and work on releasing it.  For example, let’s say that you notice you only see things in black and white.  Edberg suggests that this kind of self-talk makes you inflexible when it comes to change or accepting something new.  One way to try and break this cycle would be to consciously try to understand the other side or other point of view.  After all, there are those who are going to be just as passionate for that belief as you are for yours.  Once you accept that notion, the awareness and then the acceptance that there is an exception to your point of view will help you become more open.  It is just a small step, but it will have big consequences.  For more ideas, click here.

“Just for this week, I will work to release the limiting behaviors that are holding me back as suggested by the Tarot Devil Card Reversed.
Just spend just 5 or 10 minutes a day with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, asking for the Universe to release all that is holding me back.”

It only takes five or ten minutes a day to ground or release all of the negativity around you… just ask the Universe for help and your Angels and Guides will be there.


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