Tarot Tuesday: The Four of Wands – Let’s Celebrate

This Week’s Card is the Four of Wands – Let’s Celebrate

Tarot Four of WandsThis is a week to celebrate.  My guides are saying that they have  asked so many of you to do so much over the past few weeks that we now realize it is time to celebrate.  The four of wands is about celebrating passion and fun. It is about doing what you love, but not to excess.  It is about taking the time out of your schedule to give yourself a treat.  Sometimes the treat maybe as easy as going for a walk outside.  Or maybe it is having a Hershey bar.  Whatever it is , it needs to be significant enough where you reset your agenda and your to do list for just that short time.  No one is destined to work 24-7.  yet many of us do just because we either have nothing else or because we are so disorganized that we cannot get enough done in one day.

Perhaps this card is also a reminder to some about their to do list. Is everything on your list really necessary?  What about the things on the list that you will never actually do?  Why are they even on the list?  Why not just concentrate on the things that really matter like love, harmony, peace clear communication.  It could be that they are what your celebration this week should be about.  Maybe it is a phone call to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  Maybe it is catching up with that family member that is the black sheep?  Maybe it is reaching out to someone who you know is alone and trying to brighten their day.  Whatever it is, the message should come from your heart. Open up that heart chakra and let the love out.  This is a week to celebrate all that is right in your life.