Tarot Two of Swords – Card of the week

A Message From The Guides

 The Two of Swords

2 of swords

This week’s card, the tarot Two of Swords, is about making the tough decisions in life you don’t like to make.

Right now, many of the people reading this are facing these moments.  It is not like they aren’t prepared.  They are prepared to consider just not make a final decision. Why you ask?  Because this card suggests they actually don’t have all of the information they need to make the a clear, mindful decision. The woman in the tarot two of swords is blindfolded as if she cannot see what the choices are.  Yet the swords are balanced so it does appear that there is a clear yes or no.  This week, the universe is suggesting that even if there is a clear right or wrong answer, now might not be the time to make the decision based on what you know at this point in time. Perhaps there are other extraneous facts or communications or conversations which need to take place before you make your intention known. Perhaps you are mulling over something that you have asked for when you ask for abundance in your life? Or is this big decision ahead more a mundane, everyday type of concern like buying a car? Either way, my guides are suggesting that we take more time to decide. Not an eternity.. just perhaps an extra hour or day or two to make sure that we have researched and discovered everything that we need to know to make the decision that is right for us.

So many times in the past there have been big decisions make without respect to what the true consequences down the road are. Of course we looked at what would happen right away… but there was more ahead. There were things which happened we did not consider and could have or should have known at the time we were deciding. Perhaps we just ignored those things we didn’t like and chose anyway. The tarot two of swords suggest that is happening right now. The character appears to be calm as she is putting off her decision. The ocean also seems calm which again suggests that even thought whatever it is she is considering is important, there is no turbulence around it. She can calmly decide even thought she does not see all of the angles and potential outcomes. It is one of these unknown or unrealized potential outcomes which the universe wants us to consider this week.

Just for this week, I will ask to be shown all of the information I need prior to making any decisions for I know there could be one small detail in one big decision that forever changes my expected outcome.

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