Temperance Tarot Card


Temperancebalance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning

This month it is about getting it all back in balance.  Temperance suggests that we are on the right road but that somehow we might not be moving fast enough.  Our attention is captured by other things that keep us from getting what it is that we want.  Temperance reminds us that we must ground ourselves in order to walk our path of strength.  We must take the time to make sure that we value the land and the water and all parts around us as we move forward.  We must not spend all of our time in our head spinning as if there is no tomorrow or as if we cannot slow down for fear of missing something.

The journey is just part of our story.  Yes, many people only focus on the destination, the end goal.  But temperance reminds us that we are so much more than the end goal.  That it takes the many parts of us to create the perfect dream or the perfect life.

The temperance card is full of images that suggest there is only positive things ahead.  The crown for example, shows that we are on the road to great wealth or abundance.  The water flowing between the cups suggest that as we move forward following the flow of our lives, we will create the opportunities of our dreams.

All this month, take the message of temperance to heart.  Show the world that you are achieving what it is you want at your own speed, on your own terms.  Show that you are balanced and not going to let someone else’s energy or woes get in your way of creating what it is that you have always wanted.

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