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My Testimonials

“Bob is nothing short of outstanding. He has a unique approach to readings that really allowed me to see things about myself and my future in ways I wouldn’t be able to do without his assistance. He is certainly clairvoyant, but what you’re getting in addition to that is how passionate he is about his work! He was fun and informative, and very skilled. He also takes his job and your life very seriously. I strongly recommend.”
— Mike O



ust had a reading with Bob…something about him is comforting and familiar which made the experience easy and enjoyable. He had alot of insight to my life with some fairly soon to come predictions. He allowed the session to be recorded, left time open for questions, and offered open communication if when i hear recording at home i needed clarity, which is above and beyond what any other reader offered.  Thanks Bob.” — Renee J.



“I just had the incredible experience of a free reading and was blown away by what he told me. Everything that he said made perfect sense with what was going on in my life. He even told me something that was a personal fear that I did not mention but he knew. I am crying and completely astonished away right now. Thank you Bob.” Emily D.

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“Bob is incredible! I love his infectiously positive energy and verve. He is honest, caring, hilarious and so open to follow up questions. I love that he records his readings for me to review and then follow up with him regarding anything that needs more clarity. I even flew to Scottsdale to meet this man and get readings in person. He is the real deal and mind me, this is coming from someone who has been seeking psychics and healers for 18 years now!” – Elizabeth S





“I saw Bob at the Phoenix Psychic Fair. I had looked at his reviews on how accurate he is. Universe was in my favor to connect with Bob this day. Everything that he said is/was exactly going on with me. Highly recommend. – Melissa H.




Bob is amazing!  He was spot on with his reading about my life! He is such a funny, charismatic soul and he is very intuitive. — Kayla C.



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This guy is amazing I don’t really believe in Psychics. Boy did he make me ONE lol. A lot of the stuff that was said I’m still in shock about. It’s hard to find really good psychics. Especially ones that are legit. And Bob is legit. I referred a couple of friends to him and everyone continues to thank me.  So far 3 of the predictions came true CRAZY. – Scott C



Bob was amazing! He has such a great positive energy flowing through him. He was extremely helpful and knew things without me saying a word. Not to mention he was spot on with his eyes closed as to not see my reaction! I received great support and guidance from him along with some good laughs. I will definitely be going to bob again in the future! If you are looking for the real deal go with bob! You wont be disappointed! — JT



Spot on reading Bob this weekend which supports what I’ve been experiencing and now have some of the guidance to push through the levels of where I’m going with my business. Thank you. – Karen J



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Bob’s review of my current status and future were insightful and informative. Lots of humor and easy going talking with him made my reading very pleasant and humorous as well. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to gain useful insight into their situation at home, work or whatever part of their life that they may be curious about. – Lizabeth L





Bob was so wonderful..i just had my cards read but knew he a a true medium from his responses…made you feel comfortable right away and he was so cheery. — J Walsh





“Bob read for myself and my daughter he also channeled my late son and was able to give me a priceless message. I would definitely see him again.” — Shari B.


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“Great guy very insight full. Help me get through some tough times trying to understand where I was going in life.  I had trying business, relationships and court issues. Helped me and my family stay straight on or path. Everything this man has said has come to pass.   Thank you so much – Ralph W.”






“It is incredible to see how quickly he tunes in and then you just have to hold on and be prepared to be wowed with his accuracy and guidance. Bob is supremely gifted, grounded and hilarious! What a sweet mix of magic.” — B Smith




“I had Bob do a reading on me more than a year ago and he told me my health career was going to take off in a different area than I was in. He was right on. A month later, I started a different path and I have not looked back.” — B Hanna


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“Bob gave me the most accurate and thorough reading I’ve ever had today. I didn’t have to ask a question or tell him anything, he just started telling me about what was going on in my life. It was remarkable. The clarity and validation I received from his reading really helps me move forward with confidence and in a much more relaxed way. I can’t thank him enough. He’s also super friendly and put me right at ease. I loved his jokes.”–  Rachel A



“Bob is truly gifted! highly recommend him. As someone who has had terrible readings in the past, it was a reaffirmation that gifts like these do exist!” — Claire N




“I had never talked to a psychic before but then I met Bob. He was very nice and even cracked many jokes to make me feel very comfortable. His reading good so I though but I recorded it and listened to it at a later date and was shocked to find out that he was right on about so more many things than I had thought….I was in total awe.  Forget good.  His reading was AMAZING!!! I have used him many times since and would recommend him to anyone that has questions about life, love, future or really anything. He is great! – Nicole G.

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