The Best Tarot Reading

A Message From The Guides

What does it take to have the best tarot reading?

Psychic Robert Jerome

Me at Phoenix First Friday Artwalk South of Roosevelt on 4th Street

You took that leap of faith and decided to have me do a tarot reading with you.  You walk up to my table or we connect on the phone.  Now what happens?  How do you make sure that you get the best tarot reading?

It is actually easier than you think!

  • First, RELAX.  Yes, relax.  I find that those who seem to be blocked or unable to just take a deep breathe and let it go seem to be unable to connect with the guides who speak through me.
  • Second, have a general idea of what you want me to explore.  I find that those who want to know something specific seem to have better readings.  In other words, those readings seem to answer the truly pressing questions they have.  My general readings are just that… pretty general so sometimes my guides talk about the past or something that you might not feel interested in hearing.
  • Third, go along for the ride.  In order to have the best tarot reading, you have to allow it to happen.  Before your reading starts, I will tell you not to say anything until I ask.  This way, you will truly know if the messages I share seem ‘real’ to you.  If you tell me something and then my guides repeat it back through me, it might seem like something else is going on and I don’t want that to happen.  I pride myself on being honest, ethical and straight with everyone.

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