The Empress Tarot Card

A Message From The Guides

The Empress

Abundance, beauty, fertility

The Empress card is one of great beauty and abundance. It has many messages attached to it and although most of the messages are about feminine energy it does not mean that as a man, we can’t relate or learn from this card.

The EmpressThe Empress is about love and about being open to receiving abundance.  She shares her messages with all that will listen for she is a great communication and one that is deeply connected to Spirit.  In a card reading, she is a reminder that all is well when we go inside to hear our soul sing.  All is well when we turn inward and get in touch with our inner most desires and put them into action.  The empress is one to help push us forward in some way too.  She is a reminder that knowledge is all around us and that we can easily access it and put it into action.

The Empress suggests that by listening to what we need, we can create the life we desire.   But the key here is listening.  It is about knowing ourselves and being open to those messages.  How do you get to know yourself? It is as simple as asking for directions.  When lying in bed tonight, ask yourself, what do I need to know from today, what do I need to know about tomorrow.  Then lay quietly.  Let the silence and your breath draw you inward to the answer.  You may not hear it at first but give yourself a chance.  It may take several tries.  Eventually though, you will hear something.  You will get the message that you need for the moment.

The Empress card also contains elements of nurturing.  She suggests that it is time and it is okay to connect with those around you.  The empress suggests that now is the time to open communication, not only with yourself but with others around you.  The more open you are and the more you allow your intuition to shine, the more power you will call into your life.

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