The Lovers – Tarot Card of the Week

This week’s tarot card is the Lover’s.

Tarot Lovers

The tarot lovers card is about union and commitment.  It is about sharing messages of peace and tranquility.  My guides chose this card because this is a week where they want us to be thinking abut those around you and the meanings they hold. 

  • Who is it that truly loves and respects you?. 
  • Who would be there for you no matter what?
  • Who are you there for no matter what?
  • Have you shared messages of hope and love and peace with those that are the most important in your life?

Even if you have done this in the past, now is the time to share your love again.

Now is the time to bring the light of the season to your life.   “The season” is really about being grateful for reaching another year.  There is not necessarily a religious note.  It is just about being connected to those around you and those that are are around you that you cannot see. My guides say they are around us all times and yet some of those who read this message will not understand or will question what it is they are saying.  All they can say is that question if you must, but believe no matter what.  The Guides and Angels are around those who need the support and the message of love and faith. 

For example, this week, your Scottsdale Psychic helped a client see that there was nothing wrong with her.  She was under the mistaken belief that just because things may not work out exactly as she wants them to, it is not that the Universe’s plan was not followed.  For sometimes my guides say they do not allow us to see the plan.   You just must believe and be committed to truth and understanding and to creating what it is you truly desire. 

Without a plan or a goal, going through life may seem like a series of twists and turns that do not make sense.  The key is to have a plan.  What is I it that you want to achieve?  It may not necessarily require a plan as so much as having a goal.  Setting a goal and then taking action is what these next two weeks are about.  All around the world people are making resolutions or commitments but nearly all will not follow through.  We would suggest that you call upon us to help you create the path so that you do follow through.. so you do create the life and te love you are looking for.  No more sitting around. 

This week I will set an achievable goal for 2016 and then take small steps moving forward to bring it to fruition.