The Lover’s Tarot Card

A Message From The Guides

The Lovers Card is plain and simple. It’s about being open to meaningful relationships where there is great communication between all parties. It’s about being connected to the universe in a way that is open and raw. The reason the characters don’t have any clothes on is that they have no baggage from their past.  They are ready to be clear and succinct and they are ready to be innocent and vulnerable to the ones that they care about. So even if you are not in a significant romantic relationship, this does not mean you cannot still practice the message of the Lovers card.  You can practice it on yourself.

You can be open and vulnerable. You could allow the universe to give you the messages that you need. You can make yourself the number one person in your life. The more that you love.yourself, the easier it is for you then to love others and to allow them to come in. For example, if you do not love yourself or you have issues with that, you may be self-sabotaging or you may be picking people who are not emotionally available to be with. And how many of us have done that? Of course, all of us have.


So this month it’s about to look at love in our lives. We are to look at how love works, and how we feel about it and what it is that we can do to improve it.

  • Improving love is really just improving the relationship with ourselves and allowing ourselves to be more comfortable within ourselves.
  • It is about allowing ourselves to take care of that precious little soul that we were all given when we came to this planet.

We want you to look at how you respect yourself and whether you actually respect yourself for many people do not even realize that they do not do that.

Learning to love is one of the lessons we are taught in this lifetime and in this dimension.  As we master this lesson, we move up the energetic scale. For we’re always growing and changing. We’re always adapting. And the Lovers Card talks about that adaptation. It talks about being open and in its vulnerability, the Lover’s Card suggests that we are ready to be authentic and genuine.  The more authentic we are, the more connected to our highest self.

So when you are feeling stuck,  return to yourself.  Reconnect with your highest self.  This could include doing a meditation where you float out onto the universe, or you float on the clouds or maybe it is that you go to a forest.  Take yourself to your most sacred space to receive the message the need or desire from us.

Remember that the Lover’s Card is  about connection with both yourself and others.  It reminds us to look at our relationships and see how we can improve them and keep them growing.  We, your Spirits and Guides are here to help you with that.  Our presence is a reminder of what the Lover’s Card is about. When you connect with us, you use your highest self and when that happens, you are actually being extremely vulnerable. It is in that vulnerability that people learn who they really are and what is really the most important in their lives.