The Page of Pentacles – Time to Be Practical

The Page of Pentacles is the card of the week and seems to be a logical followup to last week’s card, the Four of Wands.  The Four of Wands was about celebrating and now the Page of Pentacles is back to the basics and a reminder that we need to be practical.




What does being practical mean? Is it about spending less or watching what you spend money? Is it about watching what you spend time doing?  Is it about making sure you do not spread yourself too thin between work and family life?  My guides say it is all of the above.

Being practical is about taking care of yourself and living life to the fullest without over doing it.  It is not saying that you have to stay home and be a hermit.  What it is saying is to be careful that you don’t over do.. that you don’t do too much celebrating or taking advantage of a temporary situation that seems to be working out well.  You see temporary situations are only that.. temporary. So not being practical and assuming that things will last forever when you intuitively know they will not is a problem.  So for this week, the guides are saying that we should be practical or be balanced when it comes to what we are doing.  Balanced is about not overindulging.

One of the messages I hear a lot is remember to take time to honor ourselves and being grateful for what we have and what we have achieved.  This card, the Page of Pentacles is about that too.  I look at the image and see how the character is so focused on the coin.  He appears to have stepped away from the farm land and the trees behind him.  He has broken free from those constraints and is now looking for new opportunities by seeing where the pentacle leads him.  Some may interpret this as a new job is ahead.  Others may say that this is just the sign of someone focused on a goal.  Which one feels right to you?

“Just for this week I will hone in my focus on what’s most important to me.  I will take steps to start manifesting this in my life by being practical and not over-doing yet at the same time, I will do whatever it takes to get out of my way so that new, positive energy continues to come my way.”