The Tarot Hermit – Regroup and Celebrate

The cards for this week is the tarot Hermit
and the chosen angel cards are celebrate and trust.


This week my guides chose the tarot hermit card because they say it is a time to take a step back and see how far you’ve come.  The hermit is about being alone for a bit – withdrawing to see your progress and then deciding how to move forward in the most loving way.  In some tarot readings, I say the tarot hermit is about sharing your light on the world.  Either way, this card is about taking a breathe and checking the plan.  If you choose to take a step back, then you are looking over your plan.  If you choose to see it as motivation to spread your light on the world, then it is about coming up with a new plan.  It is a card that can also be about relaxation or taking a break.  It just depends on what feels right to you at this moment in time.

The two angel cards which came out seem to be a perfect fit with the Tarot Hermit. 

One of the activities you can do this week in honoring the tarot hermit in your life is to celebrate where you’ve been.  It is a peaceful, quiet celebration which involves meditation and getting in touch with your spirit and the white light around you and saying ‘thank you’.  It is about releasing the pent-up worries and concerns which filled your life before you started this journey and have now been let go.

If you haven’t let them all go yet, the angels are with you.  We are there to help you make the right choice to help you see which way your journey should continue.  We are there to help guide you and help you make the right decisions for your soul. In order to do all of that, you need to ‘trust’ as trust is our other message for this week.  Trust is about trusting yourself to know the right way to go.  Trust is also about hearing the messages from the Divine and acknowledging and following them,  The Divine does not always speak.  Sometimes they just give us a feeling.  However you receive the message, it is just that you notice it.  The more you notice them, the more your life will change in the direction of the white light.

So, to sum it all up…

We are all on different paths. But at the end of the day, our paths lead us to just one place.  This place is one of love and understanding  and it is where we, your angels, reside.  All of you will meet us one day.  Some meet us sooner than others and that does not matter.  It happens all in Divine time.  When we are supposed to appear we will.  If you call upon us, we will.  We do not appear unless the time is right or we are called upon.

This is why we talk about grounding so much in our messages.  Releasing back to mother earth all of the unwelcome energy you pickup during each day needs to go somewhere.  For example, some people eat to get rid of it which only leads to weight problems.  Some people drink or do drugs to silence this negative vibe.  However once one learns how to release it naturally through grounding and mediation, they will see how your life will change.  The very topics and incidents which cause angst will no more.  You will find the space to absorb the negativity but also quickly release it.  It is as though your new place is like a hallway between the outside negative forces and Mother Earth who then welcomes all energies, whether positive or negative, back.

Just for this week, I will honor the tarot Hermit.  I will create at least 15 minutes in the morning or evening and go deep inside to relax and let go.  I will celebrate this occasion by offering thanks to my guides and spirits who are there, by my side, ready to help me.  I will place my trust in this process knowing that it is all part of the Divine plan for my life and for those around me.