The Tarot Sun – Growing the Soulful Connection

A Message From The Guides

It was just two months ago that the tarot Sun card appeared as my guide’s card of the week.

This time the message is a reminder about taking time for ourselves at least once a quarter.  The time for ourselves has to be away from work, away from the phone and the internet.  It is the time to disconnect and recharge.  There is so much energy and activity around us at all times that we sometimes loose the connection with our souls.

The Tarot Sun

The soul connection is what keeps us on track.  The soul connection is what allows us to take the daily stresses and strains and gives us the ability to release and feel that freedom we all felt when we were young children.  Remember running in the yard?  Chasing after a pet?  Playing in a sandbox?  It is not that we are suggesting you do this now.. what we are suggesting is that you take the time to recreate those feelings.  It does not have to be a long period of time.. perhaps just an hour a week or even less.  The point is to take the time and block it out on your schedule.  Getting completely absorbed in your daily work 24 hours a day and on every day that ends with ‘y’ is just not healthy… not only for the body but also the soul.

When it is our time to transition to the other world, we don’t ever get points or acknowledged for the work we did when we were disconnected.  We look back at the times we were connected and consider whether we could have spent more time in that connection mode.

Helping Others

Here is an example – Being in service to those around us is a way to not only feed the souls of those we are helping but also ourselves.  It is this being in service that we will be remembered for.  My guides suggest that those who do not share their wealth, their love, their sunshine with others are the ones who are truly missing something in their lives.  Now we are not saying that people have to do this work every day, all the time.  All we are saying is that remembering to reach out and offer a helping hand at least a few times a month is what will make the difference in your life.

The Sun card has the image of the child on it, its arms open and ready to hug.  This is what love in our lives is about.  The Sun suggests now is the time for all of us to open our arms and give the love and light we are share deep inside.

“Just for this week, I will spend at least 1 hour a day sharing my love and light with others.  I will do this by actually speaking with them or being with the same room.  This means I will not just text or email.  I will allow my soulful energy to directly connect with those I love without the use of any electronic transmission which changes the intent of my message.”