The Tarot Sun – The Tarot Card of Light

When I asked the Universe for a message for this week, the Sun card popped out of my deck.  The Sun Card is about enthusiasm and playfulness.  It is about being reborn in a sense.  It is about celebrating accomplishments and letting your inner child show.  So for this week the universe says it is a good week to be much more playful. Imagine how fun it would be to ride that white horse on the beach.  This is the feeling the universe wants to share in your soul this week.

How about playing in a sandbox?

So what would it take for you to be truly happy this week?  What do you need to do to give yourself a gift of sort?  For example, what about taking a hot bath or going for a long walk.  What about just hanging out at a coffee joint and watching the people walk by?  What is it that you like to do that you haven’t done in a while?  This is the message of the cards this week.  Let the love of the universe and the love you feel for yourself and others shine brightly.

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Just for this week, put behind you all of the issues that seem to cause dread and concern.  They will be there next week too unless you move to release them this week.  Throw them out to the Universe where the Sun can burn them up or the newborn on the back of the white horse can rip them up.  I am not saying to ignore them or just cast them aside frivolously.  What I am saying is that this is the week to attack them from a new place of love, sharing and compassion.  Isn’t that what being a new-born is all about?  All they see is that the universe is their playground.  So this week be sure to take a timeout and spend a few moments doing what you truly love.  You have nothing to lose but some of the energy you’ve been holding that no longer suits you.