Three steps to take now to improve your intuition

intuitionThree Steps to Take Now to Improve Your Intuition

How many times has something happened to you and you just ‘knew’ it was going to happen? Or how many times have you had a feeling about something that came true. Many times would be my guess. What if you could call on that ‘voice’ or ‘intuition’ more often or what if you just heard it without asking?

In my work as a psychic, tarot card reader and channel, I have taught myself how to be more aware of this voice and I know you can do it too by simply following the steps I did.

The Journey

So let’s start this journey with three steps you can start doing today to grow your intuition.

• Meditate or Stop the Noise then Ask

For me, meditation is just taking a few deep breaths, releasing the stress of the day and then calming my mind. All I do is simply think about nothing. Every time my mind starts getting active again, I just let it go. Believe me, this takes practice. I first started doing this at night, right before I went to sleep. It seemed easier while I was lying in bed. I simply took the deep breaths, relaxed and laid quietly. Eventually I could calm the noise for 30 seconds, then a minute, then it seemed longer. During the quiet times, I would say “what is that I am supposed to have learned today?” or “what is it that I need to know for tomorrow” to myself. In the beginning, I did not ‘hear’ an answer but my dreams that evening seemed to provide the answer. Now, many months into this habit, when I do this, I ‘hear’ the answer and I know you can too. It is just a question of believing.

• Journal about your dreams

When I started noticing that my dreams were changing, I also noticed that I would forget what I dreamed about within a few minutes of waking up. I knew that I dreamed something, but just couldn’t remember. I started writing down what I dreamed about or, if I could not exactly remember, I would write down the feeling my dream left me with. I found that as I thought about what I wrote throughout the day, the meaning became clearer to me. I know this can happen for you too. The more I found I could remember or write about, the more the meaning of the dream became clear.

• Be mindful and grateful

For me, this step means noticing what is going on around me and feeling grateful or thankful. No matter what happens, I have learned there is always a reason why. Nothing seems to happen ‘by accident’. Another way for me to describe this is that I pay much more attention to how I ‘feel’ about someone or something. For example, I would bet that you know almost immediately if a new person you meet is someone you want to get to know better or not. This would be your intuition or guides giving you a message. Something similar happens to me during readings. I notice that if someone has negative energy, I start feeling sick around them. My stomach hurts or my eyes start watering. The first few times this happened, I didn’t make the connection between the person in front of me and my intuition. It only became clear after the reading was over and the person walked away. Suddenly that ill feeling stopped. Perhaps you get the same reaction around some people. Do you listen to it? Do you follow the message or suggestion?

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Here’s another example: I have begun noticing that if I had a struggle about something during the day, at least one of the readings I do that night will be about that same issue. In the beginning, I thought this was a coincidence. But now it happens so often I know that it is my guides sending me the same healing message I share with the client during the reading. I know that what I hear and what I then immediately say applies both to the person who I am drawing cards for and for me. Somethings though, I don’t even draw cards to hear the answers. They just seem to come. That is from my channeling and it is something that started as I became more ‘connected’. I believe this can also happen for you. I know you can follow my journey as I am describing here and develop your own sixth sense.

Summing It Up

Growing your intuition and leading a more mindful and grateful life isn’t rocket science. It is just about learning to listen and trust. Next week, in the second part of this series, I am going to dive a bit deeper into this topic by talk about noticing, testing and releasing. Until then, take a deep breathe, relax and see what comes out. You just never know what you’ll hear.