Time To Go Beyond Normal

A Message From The Guides

It is time for you to go beyond normal.

The new year is here. The new time has come.

In this new year, it most important that you seek a great change.  It is most important you step outside your box to create abundance, peace and harmony.

This next journey around the sun will be unlike any other and although the last journey was fraught with disease disaster pain and sadness, this new year will not be any of those things.  Yes,  the humans will still deal with the plague they unleashed, but they will not have to worry about a continuing onslaught of disasters. The ultimate shift towards peace and reconnection amongst the people and powerful in the world occurs in the start of the first month.


This new year will require all of those who follow the light to step from their comfort zones and jump up and realize that the past is just that ..the past.  Yes, it may have some bearing on the  future but what happened in the past does not necessarily mean that the future will only go in one direction.  You have the chance to take the lessons from the past and change course. To use those lessons to create new opportunities.  It is a choice. Either change course to a more positive or higher vibration or stay where you are, suffering and blaming.  Just because the past may have been that way, does not mean the future must be that way.

Setting Your 2021 Intention

You must set your intention that 2021 and the future is positive.  You must do this by going beyond what has been the norm. You must remind yourself of this each morning.  Call upon the Universe to bless you. There is new world leadership in 2021 that promises to bring connection,  integrity, compassion and healing.  The disintegration of the past is over.

It is important that you realize only by going beyond what is normal for you can you truly change the course of your life. You must tell the universe that you will not accept anything less than love, compassion and kindness in your life. You will not accept anything less whatever is for your highest good.  You will not accept anything less than white love light energy coming upon you and guiding you.

Every morning tell the universe you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Consider reciting this message:

  • I  step out of my comfort zone this day
  • I give myself the light energy that I need
  • I am fearless
  • I am proud of who I am
  • I step into my power
  • I show those around me that I am the most powerful one in the room.

No, we are not speaking of you being ego driven by saying you are the most powerful one in the room. We are saying you are the one most powerfully connected to us, your spirits and guides.

Defining Your New World

Define your new world right now. Set yourself up for a new destiny that will bring you great love, peace and joy.  Right now you may not understand what this is and you may not even realize how powerful this saying will be yet the more that you put it into action the easier it will be for you to become the powerful one you’ve always meant to be.  Let 2021 be the year that set you apart.  Let 2021 be the year that makes a difference in all of the lives around you.  Be blessed my child you are on the way all you must do is step out above and beyond normal.