Time To Use Your Wisdom

A Message From The Guides

This month’s card is the wisdom card from John Holland Psychic Tarot of the heart.

The wisdom card is about being open it is about being open to allowing someone new to come into your life. This new person or situation will bring you much needed lessons for this moment in your life journey.

Perhaps you are looking for a spiritual teacher or perhaps a more spiritual group of friends.  Or perhaps is just another friend or mentor.  Whatever it may be, your wisdom is calling upon the universe to surround you with those who are more like you.  These souls have the same ideas, thoughts and actions as you do. 

  • They want the same things out of life.
  • They want to make a difference in the world
  • They want to help others achieve their greatness.

So this is the time to look around and notice who you spend your time with.

  • Are they people that are kind and warm-hearted?
  • Are they people that with to help or mentor you?
  • Are they people who have your best interests at heart?

Or are they people who have the facade of being helpful or the facade of being around there for us. But when push comes to shove, we  find that they are not there.  They are unavailable at our time of need.

Or perhaps they are only interested in helping people in a way that benefits them.

These are not the kind of people that we, the people of the light, want to be around. We want to be around people who are truly selfless, who want to truly help humanity and help the world.

You, by reading this message,  are clearly one of those.  The truth is you would not be attracted to us or this messenger if you were not like that.

If  you are looking for a new start or if you are looking for a new spiritual teacher, or new spiritual development, this is the month to step out and begin that search.  There are many areas around the world where you can look.  First, start by asking those around you who you trust.  Who are their mentors?  Who do they look up to?

Next, turn to the Internet.  No doubt you will find dozens of people offering assistance.  The question then becomes is it the kind of assistance you need or is it assistance that only serves the giver. How do you tell them apart?

The answer to that question is difficult to speak. And the answer is difficult because so many people do an outstanding job of hiding who they truly are. You must allow your own instinct and your own intuition to guide that answer and to search for that answer when you first meet them. Perhaps you will ask to see their references. Perhaps you will just have a general gut feeling as to whether they are good or whether they are something else.

By using your gut as the reference you will find the answer that you seek.

You will see that there are people out there using great wisdom to help others and that you too will be able to tap into this wisdom to help those in your circle.

This is the time to put yourself out there to see what other wisdom you can find for yourself or that can be shared with others. This is a month to be in action. It is a month to take the steps you need to find that spiritual teacher or to reach deep inside and realize that you are your own teacher.

Many people believe that they must search outside for the answers when the truth is that the answer is within. So go deep within and see what the answer is for you.

Over time, the student often becomes the teacher, so don’t be surprised when others seek you out. This card of wisdom is also letting you know that you have so much to share — whether you realize it or not.

Start using your wisdom. It is your inner wisdom that drove you to this newsletter and this website and this messenger. Every month you receive the messages that you need. You receive the messages of the heart and of the soul and this is why you come back over and over again. It is for that grounding message. It is for that great sense of understanding and that great sense of peace and love and light that all of us share.

Start using your wisdom. Do not allow your wisdom to get off track. Use your wisdom  because it is the answer you seek.