Trust Yourself

A Message From The Guides

This month we call upon all of you to trust yourself, trust yourself to use the gifts, the messages, and vibrations that you have been feeling over the past weeks and put them into action.  It is a new year. It is a time for a new journey around the Sun and for all of you in this community it is a time to trust your direction and trust that you know exactly what it is you need to do.

Now is the time to start taking all the necessary steps to achieve.

Do not listen to the naysayers.  Do not listen to the negativity or the drama that has been surrounding you especially in November and December. Leave those that do not understand or who cannot connect by the side of your path. Leave them and you’ll find your true self, your true power, your true agenda.

We are not saying that you’re going to abandon these people.  We are just saying that to leave their ideas and their thoughts out of your head, out of your body, out of your mind.  You do not need to listen to that because you have a higher calling.  You have a higher connection to the universe – a higher vibration and that is why you come to us each month to hear the message – to hear what it is that we have to say – to hear your answers.

The answers are all within you.

You need not worry about what it is that other people say or what other people do.  Stick to your plan.  Always be on your course.  Move forward fearlessly.  In the “Trust Yourself” Card, all the beings surrounding the character are her Guides, her Angels, her Spirits. They are exactly what surrounds all of you. They are all the characters she, like you, have always wanted in your life and as they surround both you and her, they give you both the power and the precious ability to move through the light smashing through all the things that have been holding both of you back.

All of you humans have done so much healing and hard work in the last year which makes this new year one of trusting – trusting your motivation, trusting all your movement forward.  You will be just fine.  Just trust yourself.  Know that you have found the answers you seek.

Now for those of you who say, “I do not believe I have found them” or “I’m wondering what they are”, dig deep and ask, “What is it I need to know?”  You will hear us.  You will hear your answers. We are here all the time all around all of you.

Most of you understand exactly what it is that we are saying.  If you are not sure, we are talking about listening to your gut.  You must honor your gut feelings. We are here within all the human beings.

Do not be afraid of the upcoming year.

Do not fear what is going around on the outside.  Concentrate on your inner goodness, your willingness to make change, your willingness to bring upon yourself what it is you have always wanted and needed, to be clear with those that surrounds you.

Be clear with those that you love and care for.

Do not hold the words back of caring and sharing.   Do not walk away from the ones that you care about or give them mixed messages for this only causes pain and angst and insecurity. Why should you, a child of love and light, be the one to cause that pain? Remember you are so filled of love and life, and you hold nothing less than the kindness and the highest peaceful vibration on the planet. You are part of the special movement that is bringing change to the world.  You are creating so much harmony in your life and in the lives of all that you touch.  Don’t hold back for those that you care about. We are not saying that you should throw yourself upon someone, we are just saying that when you feel the urge to speak up or the urge to connect go ahead and do so.  Don’t allow your fear or your insecurities or ego get in the way of that connection because it is that connection that continues the path of love and life across the planet.  Right now, this is something that is needed more than ever.  There are so many naysayers out there.  There are so many following the agendas of those who want to turn the Earth turn a world it is not supposed to be.  There so many that want to ruin the peace and the love and the kindness that was brought forth upon the time that all of you came to this planet.   Remember they are just of the darkness.  They are just out of the shadow, and they are something we of the light must challenge and fight.

You all must trust yourselves to stay on your path, on your route for it is your truest path.  Do not divert to the path of autocracy or follow the cult that believes the non-truths.  It is getting louder as we speak but we also know its days are numbered.  It cannot survive in the light of day.  It will not survive.

So, continue to trust that you are in your power.  You are in your light.  Let nothing stop or carry you away from this belief.  You will see your true self in the next journey around the sun.  Let nothing stop it.  Trust the messages and trust yourself.  The difference you create will be astounding. All you must do is trust yourself.