Trusting Yourself

Do you trust yourself?

No, do you really trust yourself?

What If I showed you that all it takes is trust to overcome some of the biggest obstacles and challenges you face.

Trusting yourself means knowing that what it is you want you can easily achieve. It is about putting down the blinders that keep you focused on what can’t be done or what you can’t do and instead focusing on the positive.

Focus On What You Know You Can Do


What if anything and everything you wanted was just a wish away. What if all you had to do was to focus on trusting yourself to change the things that need to be changed and let go of what doesn’t. By simply putting this idea into action could bring you the happiness you deserve.

Yes, you deserve!

We are not hear on this planet in this dimension to be harmed or beat up. We are here to learn love and connection… to trust what it is that is deep inside of us and at the same time, learning to trust and even accept what we don’t like about ourselves. Perhaps you are disappointed in that you get angry very often. Perhaps you are disappointed that you can’t seem to find that real love connection. Perhaps you are disappointed how your life turned out because of a mistake or a bad decision many years ago. Whatever it is that bothers you, perhaps by turning it around and taking it as a lesson or just a message, you will learn to trust yourself.


If we did not trust ourselves, we would not be able to perhaps drive a car. Right? Before getting behind the wheel, you trust that you know how to operate the car and how to navigate the streets. If you didn’t trust yourself, then you would be scared or perhaps even unable to drive.

This is a minor example of trust so I hope you get the idea. The idea is that until you actually tear down the walls and trust yourself, you will never have the life you desire. Imagine white light from the heavens freely flowing through you. It is calming the anxiety. It is releasing the fears. Ask the Universe to constantly bathe you in the white light energy, allow it increase your own trust. Allow it to bring in the love, the abundance, the life you always desired. Know that it comes from Source and that it is a blessing available to all in need and all who ask. The key here is to ask. Just ask.

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