A Special Message From Bob

During May 2021, I spent two weeks in Austin Texas participating in a mind, body and soul detox at Optimum Health.   Every morning we chose a random page to read from the book God Spoke To Me by Eileen Caddy.

I found the following passage called “Truth” from page 57 moving and decided to share it with all of you.  So this month, instead of a message from My Guides, I give you this excerpt.  I hope you find it as motivating as I did.

As always, thank you for allowing me to be of service in your life.




“Accept this day as a special day, a day of rebirth. This is My gift to you. You are being reborn in Spirit and in truth.   This is the biggest turning point in your life dash. From this day on, all is new.

I want you to become aware of this and accept it as fact now.  You are to witness tremendous changes in your life and living.  They may be gradual, but they will gather in momentum, and nothing will stop these changes, these transformations from taking place.  You will grow in stature; the old will pass away and all will be made new.

You are now moving into the most glorious epoch of your life, for you now know the truth.  You know that I AM life that I AM love and that I AM your consciousness, and that I AM within you.

This is something no one can take away from you, that nothing can change. This is reality.   This is something which you have been seeking and now have found. It is the greatest treasure, the greatest truth for it brings to that consciousness oneness with me. Then you know that all I AM is yours and all I have is yours and you are mine.

Let these truths become part of you.   Absorb them as you breathe. They are the breath of life.

All I have is yours.

The greater the need, the greater the love, the greater the understanding.  Sit still and know that deep within your being that all is very well.  In stillness, you can find Me no matter what it is you are doing.

All I have is yours.  Accept this truth. My promises are not false.  They are truth and are there to be manifested by you.

You long for illumination, stretch out your hand and accept it as a gift. You long for greater love and understanding; it is yours now. All my perfect gifts are yours even before you ask.

In stillness you find truth.  Find that secret within yourself and in that place, truth will be revealed.”

No one who has ever chosen to surrender and trust to Spirit has made the wrong decision.  Giving up control of other people and the circumstances of our lives and trusting that Spirit will define our lives exactly how they need to be is wise indeed.

Spirit specializes in happy endings!

And so it is……