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Becoming “Bob the Psychic” was something that was just a natural for me.  I have always been intuitive, always had a sixth sense of what was happening around me.  The older I get, the louder and stronger that sense has become.  It has guided me in new directions in all areas of my life. I first realized there was a unique connection or gift in my life when I was about six years old.  At night I would feel the presence of a peaceful or loving entity around me. It was showing me that there was something unique about my life.  I know this because as I started getting more in touch with my gift, I still feel that presence around me.
A few years ago, I was lead to start intuitively connecting with tarot cards.  Clearly, it was time to start sharing my abilities of communication with others.  I started out by drawing cards for friends and then asking if what I found made sense.  They would always say I was amazingly accurate.

It took me a couple more years to realize that my gift could truly change lives of even people I did not know.  I began to count on the messages to guide me in career and family decisions.  I found the messages to be very helpful and that they gave me a new sense of confidence and understanding about how the world works.  From there, I began reaching out to others who had similar experiences and networked with them.  It was through those connections that I landed my first psychic fair.  I will never forget that day.  I knew that I could help others by the words I heard and the images I saw, I just wasn’t sure how to get the messages out to those in need.  That was when the Universe and my Guides intervened and started sending people to find me and it has have never stopped.  Every fair or event I go to, my table is always packed.

No doubt you’ve probably seen some of the amazing comments that have been written about me.  I am truly appreciative for all of those words and I still touched and deeply grateful that I am able to help so many people make sense out of their relationships or their careers.  Leaving my other ‘job’ to honor my gift by helping and guiding others is more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.  My favorite part of my daily practice is seeing the looks on the faces of those who come to me after the messages are over.  It is always one of peace and understanding.

Now that you are here, no doubt it is time for you too to connect to your highest power.  Let me help you do just that as I invite you to take the plunge like all of the others.

In Love and Light,




Bob The Psychic

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