Winning The Lottery Does Not Solve Problems

Lottery Ticket


Winning the Lottery Does Not Solve Problems

This week my guides suggested I talk about winning the lottery.   The guides tell me many of the people who I attract to my blog play the lottery all the time.   Every week they plunk down their money hoping for that quick get rich payoff.  But the truth of the matter is that the payoff is never coming  Even if they win the jackpot, they are still losers and here’s why:  Without having a plan or seeing the money as a stepping stone to something greater, the money has no value and will eventually be lost.

What the guides are saying is that by winning the lottery and then just spending it or using it to “solve all your problems” isn’t really a solution after-all. The reason is simple.  Those who play and then win with no idea how to continue to manifest and attract money or how to create any improvements in their situation.  According to this Forbes article, they end up right back where they started.   Winning the lottery is really one way to continue to be stuck in the same situation you are in.  People are stuck because even if they do payoff all of their debts, they have not done anything that will help move them forward and out of the situation that caused it in the first place.

Tarot Devil Reversed

Winning The Lottery Does Not Set You Free

This weeks’ our card was the devil reversed.. about breaking free.  Well breaking free could be considered winning the lottery.  But does it really set you free?  How many people have won the big jackpots only to end up back where they started within a few years.  All of the money is gone and they are once again broke or homeless.  It is because the lottery is the easy way out and unfortunately in life there is no easy way out.

Working For What We Want Is The Key To Freedom

We all have to work for whatever it is we want.  There are no true gifts, especially when it comes to money and other kinds of assistance.  Here’s another example.  There are families whose main income is social security. It is a generational thing.  The parents get it, then the kids get it, an did comes down generation to generation.  Instead of one generation trying to break the cycle and crate something with their lives, they take the handout – the easy way out.  Yet even with the handout, they are still stuck in poverty.  The core of the family never changes.  The guides tell me they are not trying to be negative sounding.  they just want you to know that If you win the lottery, congratulations. . . you will be the envy of all of your friends.  But unless you take the steps to build your future, to move forward, to listen to your intuition,to use your gifts from the universe, you will still need to win the lottery over and over again.