You Are Protected

A Message From The Guides

This is perhaps the most challenging time you have faced as a people, a nation and a world.  The Universe is unmasking the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. He, along with his enablers and others will face a karmic reckoning.  You, the people of the light, are truly locked in a battle of light versus dark.  We do not want to step out and call it good versus evil even as many on the planet would call it just that.  We can only say that describing it in such stark terms prevents love, light, kindness and compassion from stepping forward.

The key to our message this month is to be in action.  Be in action calling upon your highest self to guide you to your highest good.  The card we have chose this month reminds you that despite the challenges that you are facing, we, the Universe, are here protecting you. Notice the shield.  Notice and bubble of energy around the character’s head.  Each of you have this karmic shield and are surrounded by the light of Spirit.

How will you use this connection, this power, this protection for your highest self?  Now is the time to decide.  Now is the time to have that conversation with yourself, with your highest self, with your highest power.

Protecting your highest self at this time of trauma means:

  • Taking extra steps to nurture yourself.
  • Walking away or detaching from the daily drama.
  • Spending extra time outdoors or in your sacred space.
  • Cutting off toxic relationships.
  • Creating a gratitude journal to keep track of what you are grateful for and then refer to it when you are having one of ‘those’ days.
  • Taking action to be sure your voice is heard at this critical juncture for your country.

There are many other steps that one can take to help stay their course.  Staying the course is about honoring your true self.  Staying in your strength and not allowing others to drag you down to their level and they demand something from you that are not willing to give.  Honor yourself by acknowledging the good and the light which surrounds all of us.  You can also honor yourself by being happy with what you have right now.

How many people are never satisfied with where they are in life?  Even when they retire, they aren’t satisfied.  What if you were to change that paradigm?  If you were to shift your thoughts and realize that what you have right now is perfect…  you don’t need anything else.  You may want something else or something more, but the Universe has alternate ideas.  This does not mean you won’t necessary get what you need, it just means that now is the time to enjoy or recognize where you are.

And right now, you are in a place with great protection. You are in a place where you can step back, take stock of the world around you, decide what you can do to bring love and light to our planet and then, most importantly, take the steps to do it.  It might just be as simply as making sure your voice is heard in the next election.